Friday, October 26, 2012

Why Vote?

Anyone who has not been living under a rock in the USA knows, we have an election coming up.  By this time, many people are reaching their saturation point for political advertisements and discussions.  One of my Facebook friends has gone so far as to say that continued political posts showing up on his newsfeed could affect the poster's friendship status with him.  I feel his pain (annoyance, actually, but for some people it could be approaching their pain threshold).

Even though I have not contributed much to the political discussion this cycle, I do intend to vote.  I believe in the value of voting.

Now, I can hear some of the common objections, and I'd like to answer them.

"My vote doesn't count!"  Really?  If you vote doesn't count, then why do politicians and political parties spend so much money to get your vote?  Even for those running a low budget campaign, they have to get out to knock on doors, or go to places where people gather, such as malls, parks, concerts, fairs, etc.  They put in time, effort and money to get your vote, so it must mean something to them.

"All politicians are crooks!"  That's the best reason to vote!  Here in America, you get to choose your crook!
Let's say you have to cross a bridge, but you can go on either side of the bridge, left or right.  On the right side is a crook who wants to take $500 from you, and on the left, one who wants to take $500,000.  Now let's say you are part of a group of 11 people, and you have to cross the bridge together all at the same time.  Five want to go on the right, even though the crook on that side is ugly and appears threatening.  The other five want to go on the other side because that crook is handsome and charming.  Which crook would you choose?  Would you leave that choice up to other people?  That's what you do when you don't vote.

You want more reasons to vote?  Get out your wallet or pocketbook and make a list of everything in it.  Now go over that list and put a checkmark by every item that comes from a government agency (money, driver's license, etc.).  Do the same for every item that represents something regulated by the government.  Each checkmark is a reason to vote.