Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guess I better update...

I don't know if this blog has many fans, but if anyone does follow this online journal, I guess I owe you an update.

I've had my car for a year
now, and so far the only repairs I've had to have done to it are replacing the starter, drive belt, and belt tensioner. First the starter went out, but it picked a good place to do so - my driveway. Had it towed to the garage, but the tow cost only $30 dollars. The wrecker service is located here in Kiefer, and they give a discount to anyone having a car towed to Hankin's Auto Repair, I guess because he is so close. I had him replace the belt too, because it looked like it needed it. Then a couple of weeks later, the new belt falls off. The battery had enough juice for me to drive it back to the shop, and the mechanic said the tensioner was bad. The new belt had a twist to it when he first looked at the car, and the parts store replaced it under warranty.

The car needs more work, but any car 12 years old needs work. As long as it keeps getting me to where I want to go, I'll be satisfied. Despite things slowing down in my job, I still manage to stay one month ahead on my payments.

For a long time I've had a desire to engage in art, particularly drawing. I used to draw some as a kid, but everything was awkward and off-balance. I turned out to be a good drafter, but that kind of drawing is not artistic by nature. It can be, if someone applies an artistic eye to it. Also, Autodesk has produced a program, Impressions, that can take CAD files and change them to make an artistic presentation. I don't think my computer could handle Impressions, so I don't have it. I'm not really satisfied with Paint or the OpenOffice drawing programs. I recently downloaded Inkscape. I haven't done anything with it yet, except to look at some of the tutorials. Maybe I'll get to play around with it some and learn how to actually make some art.

Here is one of the more artistic things I have done with a drafting program:

One thing I am good at is puns. At church, I never sit in the same spot from one service to the next, I move around. Also, I take my tamborine and shake it during the singing. So, I've been asking people if those things qualify me to be a mover and shaker in the church.